Raid monitoring software (Mac)?

Does anyone know of any suitable monitoring software that could give an immediate alert of any problem on a  Sharespace NAS (Raid 5).  The web interface gives a simple overview of system status but is not really a pro-active tool that could help managment of any problems with the device. 

I have Mac & Win PCs on the network, and it would be nice if there was a suitable Mac based aplication.



As far as I know there’s no such tool, best I could suggest is to check if the drives on the SS are working well once in a while and make sure to have a backup.

Well, you can enable alerts, but as far as I can tell there is no documentation giving you the type of alerts that trigger it. I haven’t had any raid issues, so don’t know if that is one you will receive an alert about if something goes wrong. The only alerts I’ve seen are when the device goes on UPS battery power.  Maybe someone from WD can provide such as document.