RAID migration stalled

Hi, everyone. I am using PR4100 with existing 4TB drive in JBOD migrating to 4TB/6TB/6TB in RAID 5. I backed up all data on the original 4TB drive and followed the instructions to migrate the volume. The migration began and informed me of approximately 4100 minutes of migration time. I checked progress about eight hours later and noticed that the status was stalled at 5% and 3719 minutes remaining. It has remained at this same status for ten hours. The display on the PR4100 indicates that “the system is in standby mode.” I cannot get the device out of standby mode and and I cannot progress the status beyond 5%.

What can I do?

I worked up enough courage to power cycle the device and when it came back online after a file check, the migration began to proceed again. To improve the speed of the migration, I followed the advice in another suggested solution of using SSH to access the device, using command sysctl -w and checking performance using command cat /proc/mdstat to check the speed of the migration. I increased the minimum speed to 200000, then to 300000, then to 400000, and back to 300000 as I got the fastest consistent speed with that setting. I’m down to 72 minutes remaining now.