Raid G Drive corrupted I Win 10

I recently purchased a g Drive raid USB 3.0 12 TB Drive I’m using it to backup photos and videos the unit is installed on the Windows 10 platform I had no issues configuring the drives using the configuration utility for raid one. Unbeknownst to me when my Windows 10 computer went to sleep and after I awoke win10 I tried to access my Drive I received a message F/Drive was corrupted not available. To me this appears to be a huge undocumented problem in Windows systems I referred to the g technology instructions and there’s nothing in there to reference this issue. This happened two separate times with no data on the drives the third time, I lost all the data on the drives. This is supposed to be a premium product that you can count on for data and backups. Can anyone shed some light on the situation is this normal in Windows computers or is the hardware defective. I also have a g technology two terabytes external hard drive non-raid and never had these issues like this what’s the difference and why is it happening with an expensive unit like this.

Did you get any solution?