Raid from ex2 to mybook live duo

I have a mybooklive live duo and am looking at upgrading to a MyCloud ex2 ultra. The old mybooklive isnt worth selling, so I want to use it as an extra redundancy for the data on the MyCloud. Can I set the MyCloud ex2 ultra to raid from drive to drive internally and then again over usb connection or via the lan through the router to the old mybooklive duo so I have mega safeguarding against drive failure?

You can use the Safepoint feature to back-up your WD My Book Live Duo into the WD My Cloud EX2 Ultra. This is not a RAID though since RAID units would not be linked into a single controller that distributes data across hard drives.

Thanks. An alternative thought is to get a MyCloud ex2 ultra with no drives as that’s much cheaper and then transfer the drives from the mybooklive duo into the nas. If I pull the red drives from the duo and add them to an empty ex2 ultra, will the data be safe or will it wipe it all?

I want to try this as well. Does this work?

You responded to thread that is 6 years old!!

But to answer your question: I wouldn’t attempt this without making a full backup of your data to an external drive. Honestly. . . your drives are old. You should make the backup regardless.