Raid enclosure recommendations?


I am head of it for a small 3 branch library system. Last year we upgraded our main branch server to Windows 2008R2 and I built a backup system using a  raid enclosure with 2  2T WD drives. This does raid 1 and uses the built in imaging system in 2008R2. The enclose was built by startec but it appears they are no longer made. I want to upgrade 1 of our other branches basically the same way. Any recommendations for reasonally priced raid enclosure?

Thank you.

do you want it nas capable, or just direct access, like usb?

I am open to both suggestions. The first one I built has only eSATA and USB2-no nas. But would be nice to have the nas as an option as well.

On a somewhat related note, I have a mybook live nas at home and the only real kicker for me is that it is single drive and no easy way to back it up. I am considering something with at least raid 1 for the future so I don’t lose my collection.

So I guess any all suggestions welcome.