Raid configuration loss/change problem with a MyCloudEx2 Ultra

I have a 2-3 year old MyCloud Ex2 Ultra with 2x 3TB WD ’Red’ drives.
It was working fine, Raid 1 had originally been set, with ‘Auto Rebuild’ on.

Now switch on and hard drive leds are solid blue with power light blue and flashing. Sound of whirring. This continues for just under 5 minutes and drive noise stops, drive lights remain solid blue but power continues to flash. Around 5mins:30sec power light stops blinking and both drive lights change to solid red.

The drive is visible on the network but on entering the control panel the first page is Raid Profile where it says ‘No Configured Volumes’. Capacity is shown as 0Mb.

My user names are still showing on the Setup Users page on the

On the ‘Storage’ page the 2 drives are listed at their correct sizes (3TB) and temp & condition of both are noted 41/40 deg.C and ‘Good’

Possible material factors: I had unplugged the drive network cable and connected it to a Gigabit switch, to which another new and unconfigured MyCloud Ex2 Ultra was also connected. Both Devices were showing on the network, albeit with the same name (‘MyCloudEX2Ultra’), the new (2x4TB) one with no raid configuration yet set. The problem started after I set the original drive back as the only device on the network. It is now showing that Raid 1 is set, though I had not done this yet. So it looks like the raid configuration between the devices have swapped?

How can I reinstate access to the drives on my ‘old’ Ex2 Ultra? Presumably it will effectively delete the existing data if I just try to re-configure the settings back to Raid 1? Likewise I don’t know the implications of the 40 sec. reset.

Would be most grateful if someone could tell me what the outlook is and options available to recover access and/or my data.

Thank you – Colin

Hi @Mackz,

Please contact the WD Technical Support team for best assistance and troubleshooting:

I am having same accident, i.e. configuration of RAID, VOlume, et.c. lost.
One drive failed, drive one.
My problem is i can not recall the configuration of the system.
What would be the solution?