RAID across 2 different G-Raid devices

Hi all-

I’ve got a question that I couldn’t find an answer to in my research. I currently have an 4TB G-Raid (8TB if JBODed) and I’m looking to add another 4TB G-Raid. Would I be able to get another 4TB G-RAID; JBOD both so that I now have 2 G-RAIDs that are 8TB each; Daisy Chain the two and now Re-establish a RAID across the 2 G-RAIDs (essentially raiding the 4 discs) for total disk space of 8TB.

Would the configurator be able to do all of this?

The configurator is only for one drive at a time. It does not have the ability to RAID multiple devices together. You would need to use a software RAID to do that. Also daisy chaining has nothing to do with it.