RAID 5 will not auto-rebuild

I had a drive failure (Bay 3) in my NAS and I replaced with a spare drive. The RAID 5 array will not rebuild. Auto-rebuild is set to on. I’m running the latest firmware: 2.11.133

The LED on Bay 3 is RED, but in the management console, (Storage, Disk Status) the drive reports as Good.
I powered off the NAS, thinking a hard reset might make a difference, but when everything came back online, I had the same behavior - LED is RED, drive status is GOOD.

I pulled the spare and put into my PC. I was able to format and use the drive without issue.

I then put another spare drive into the NAS, and had the same issue as before.

Does anyone know a trick to get the array to rebuild?


Is the replacement drive the same model as the ones that you have on the unit?

Have you tried performing a system only restore? If not, please try that.