RAID 5 Setup question - start with 2 drives?

I have a PR4100. I wish to setup a single RAID 5 array with four 8TD drives (24TB useable). I currently only have two 8TD drives.

Is it possible to set up the RAID 5 array with just the two drives I have on hand, then add the additional two drives when I receive them?

My goal is to have a single RAID 5 array of 24TB (four 8TB drives). Is this possible?


The minimum number of disks in a RAID 5 set is three ( two for data and one for parity).

make a mirror raid with 2 – backup and re- load when you have move disks

I tend to like RAID 10 (Striping and Mirroring) for faster speed - need 4 disks

wait till you get the rest of your disks installed