Raid 5? on DL4100 Advice pls?

I’ve just got my DL4100, need advice pls, have four 3TB HDD’s, two old Seagates and two new WD Red, do I need to format them for Raid in Raid 5?
Will two different makes of hdd work together in Raid 5 ?
Any advice would be great thanks

Anytime you create a new RAID array, you wipe the drives clean for the new array. You can place all 4 drives in at once and setup a RAID 5 or RAID 10 across all 4 drives. You can also keep the 2 Seagate and 2 WD Red drives separate by doing a “dual mirror” or two RAID 1 configurations. It really all depends on how much usable space you need to have.

Thanks, before i got my DL4100, i was hoping to do two RAID 1, but when I looked at the drop down, didn’t see an option for that, but RAID 5 looks ok, 9TB across four drives, and nearly the same performance, glad the two makes will work together, still trying to work out how to get more apps tho, need anti virus.