RAID 5 Good but Disk status BAD

I have an EX4 (Firmware 2.12.127) with 4x3TB (RED) drives installed in RAID5. All leds on device are red, shows defect HDDs which I can confirm it in web interface (All 4 HDDs are in BAD condition) but RAID is Healthy and Raid Volume_1 is Good!!! Is it possible? I have full access to my data so far, but web interface is very sluggish. Do I have to change drives or make firmware update?

Hi @vangmel,

I would request you to perform a System test. This test will review the health of the hardware on the device, such as the hard drives, fan, system clock, and device temperature. The test may take a few minutes as it verifies the unit’s memory, temperature, fan, and more.

Please refer to the link below:

Hi @Neha_07

Thanks for your reply. I have done the tests and both, quick and system, results are success.Later I will do the full test and I will let you know

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