Raid 10 drive failure after rebuild - Different Sector sizes - Please help!

I am running a media center PC, Win 7 Ult, on 4 x WD10EARS 1TB drives on Raid 10. The mobo is an MSI with an ICH10R chipset.

Recently I had a hard drive failure at port 0. So I removed the disk to return it to WD. Everything still ran fine on three drives so I simply plugged in the replacement fourth drive, restarted and the Intel Matrix Storage Manager automatically started rebuilding.

A couple of things I noticed - firstly the new drive was the only drive with 4K sectors, the others were 512 and also the firmware was different to the other three.

I returned to it to check on progress about 2 hours later and to my horror I got a BSOD. I tried to reboot and the drive at port 1 has failed. It will not boot with either port 0 removed, port 1 or both saying the boot disk is missing.

I have managed to recover the data with Ubuntu. so this is safe. My problem now is how to ensure all drives run with 4k sectors when reinstalling 7?

Any help where to start with this would be greatly appreciated!!

Apparently these drives are Caviar Green and I was told once that these drives are not recommended for Raid purposes because they do not have the TLER feature like the enterprise RE drives, I ended up using those drives internally on my computer and setting up my RAID with RE4. You might as well want to do the same.