Raid 1 with two WD Green 1.5 Tb

Hi, my system with Windows 7 64 bit and two array (RAID 0 2x SSD + RAID 1 2x WD green) give me many errors in the last few days.

I receive, about every 15 min, the BSOD error DRIVER_POWER_STATE_FAILURE and after a lot of test i arrived at this conclusion: the problem is the array of 2xWD green. If I disconnect them I have no problems.

In the last week I hear a strange sound come from one of the two disk (but i don’t know what is), like a stand-by click everytime I access to this array …

I run the WD DIagnostic tool in quick mode on every drive but no errors. What can I do?

I haven’t upgrade any drive or install new hardware in the last two months.



WD Green drives tend to have problems with Hardware based RAID set ups.