RAID 1 Mirror Error with Two WD 500GB Drives

I have Windows 7 Ultimate 64-bit installed on a WD 500GB drive (WD5000BEVT-22ZAT0) that was partitioned automatically by Windows as 100MB System Reserved and 465.66GB drive C. There is also an unallocated second WD 500GB drive (WD5000BPVT-22HXZT1) that I want to use for RAID 1 to mirror the first drive but I get an error message stating “All disks holding extents for a given volume must have the same sector size, and the sector size must be valid.” I uninstalled Windows patch KB-982018 but I still get the same error message. Could you please let me know how to resolve this? Thanks.

Hi your  WD5000BEVT has a 512 sector size and the 5000BPVT is a advanced format drive with 4k sector size you can not change it. You would need another BEVT model as all the BPVT are the advanced format.

Thanks for the reply. Can I format the BPVT model (first drive) to a 512 sector size? Alternatively, can I format the BEVT model (second drive) to a 4k sector size drive and reinstall Windows 7?

Hi no you cant change the sector size even with formating

Is there any way to set up RAID 1 mirror for this configuration?

Hi no you can’t mix drives on raid just wont work. Even something like a bigger cache on one drive will mess it up.