Raid 1 backup slower than directly connected USB 2.0 drive

Hi, I’ve just purchased an 8TB EX2 and am pleased with it. I’ve got regular backups using Acronis working well but…
I’m concerned that the speed of backups (and hence the time taken) is lower that a directly connected Samsung 1.5TB USB 2.0 drive versus the EX2 in default RAID 1 configuration.
So, I wondered if this sounds normal and is what I should be expecting? Is there anything I could do to speed up the backups?
Thanks in advance.

Hello barcud,

RAID 1 is more oriented to data redundancy that the speed.

Please take a look on the link below for more information on slow data transfer:

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Thanks Peter,
Given me a lot to consider.
New ADSL2+ router (gigabit), new gigabit switch…

Hm, not sure which will be the best but I’m working on it!


Okay backup can be slow or faster based on the file type. Say it may not be same as copy 10kb 10000 files is equal to 10 of 1mb files

Also it may be also true if the drives are getting full. As it will slow down the read and write speed considerably.

You mean 8tb meaning 4 tb x 2 drives. Try to clean up older files and see if thing are good.

post the hdd health stats. See if any much alert on it

Also what are you backing up.

It was brand new about 3 weeks ago - 2 x 4TB disks Raid1, so little fragmentation yet.
The source is 127GB out of 581GB C: drive full backup with 6 incrementals on a daily basis. Actual backup via Acronis excludes the usual transient stuff.
Both the full and te incremental backups take longer than my previous 1.5TB Samsung Storydrive USB 2.0 device.
Having considered the advice from Peter (above), I have a gigabit hub and a 10/100 router, so I figured that would be where to start.
Windows stats indicate around 98Mb/s leaving my laptop (gigabit network card) so must be operating 100Mb/s.
Disk health is good.

What do you reckon?

Okay is the backup of C; drive meaning you have windows os .

Try the full system backup.

Yes you and the NAS should sit on gigabyte lan port for optimum speed.

Also the backup running in the background is limited with read/write speed

Hope this clarifies the setup. Once you are connect to full gig speed router with connection link says 1gb then the backup would be faster than before

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Thanks DirtyMacho,
Got some more kit to buy now:grinning:

Not necessarily. If you are wiring the pc to nas or network. Then get a gigbyte switch is sufficient. Assuming your internet speed is not beyond 100mbps . As this was your current setup.

Assuming that get a 5 or 8 port gigabyte switch. Connect the router to it for Internet and Connect the NAS and pc for 1gb connection speed for high data transfer. Both get net from router and you need maximum speed from the NAS to PC and other wired devices. .

Would you recommend a managed switch?

if you can afford fine. but for this unmanaged is fine. As it depends on how many devices are going to access this network wired. if you dont have handfull of devices. Or you dont plan on using IP camer’s in future which will lead to POE switch which comes in handy in future. Even a 4 port out of 8 port is suffice. As it wont be more than 4 device once one might consume. So see if you can get POE powered switch start with 8 port.

I have a Netgear unmanaged switch (GS208) now and cannot connect to the NAS at greater than 100Mb/s.
And, as you say, if I need PoE later, I don’t have that with the existing equipment.

ok check if the setup is like this.

You connect the gs208 to NAS and pc and router.

Say one port to PC, NAS and Router lan port. So that you get 1gb speed on all applicable device in this case it is exception that your router is 100mbps lan including wan.

Do check the lan setting in advanced network see if you are getting 1gbs or not. As sometimes it might not negotiate to 1gbs

And in the network tab of the NAS set the link speed to 1000 instead of Auto.

Then revert if the speed is still limited. If you pc is not gig supported it wont be more than 100. But if its gig network on board then it will have to get 1gb link speed.

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Hi DirtyMacho,
It’s taken a while I know but… Just got a USB gigabit dongle - StarTech USB 3.0 (no idea why I thought my network card was gigabit capable but it isn’t).
I’ve played around with the settings as you suggested but aren’t having much luck so have reverted to Auto negotiation, default Jumbo frame (1500). Gigabit negotiated OK and backups are a lot faster. I use Task Manager and it clearly shows the speed increase.
The exercise has raised some questions though. (Not all MyCloud-related though.)

  1. What advantage would it be to enable Jumbo frame?
  2. I had hoped that the different network card would mean Wake on LAN would work from my Laptop for the NAS. It still doesn’t. I was advised to lok for a setting something like ‘Promiscuous Mode’ but don’t seem to have one. Any ideas? WoL does work from my Android phone wirelessly though!
  3. I’m using DHCP on the NAS but it keeps reporting ‘No Internet Access’. It is connected to the Netgear GS208; also fails to connect to check for firmware update. Again, any ideas?
    (I note you have IPv6 enabled whereas I don’t - does this make any difference?


here is some fact laptop wont give good speed as the RPM of internal drives are very slow in read and write. Still it will be good but cant give you sustained speed of above 100MB/s all the time. May be between 50-90Mbps fluctuating.

Thanks DirtyMacho,
I’m really noticing periods of 100% disk utilisation so am considering upgrading to an SSD.
I have to balance this against the age of my DEll laptop wich will be 6 years old in October!