RAID 01 ( mirror )

Hi ,

I just bought 3 days ago my WD My Book Studio II 4TB ( RAID ) external HD. The very purpose in buying this unit is to make a redundant back up  system. Curretly , it is configure at RAID 01 ( mirror ) mode. Is this model features a real time  back up ? I tried copying a folder in my  internal drive and check my RAID drive. Unfortunately, I can’t see any copy on my backup dirve. If ‘s real time it should make a copy on the external RAID drive on the very moment there’ s changes in the internal drive. The software that comes with it sems vague …

Second,  please clarify the compatibility of this unit with time machine …



The software will backup the files automatically but not immediately. Once the software is setup you will have an incremental backup on the computer. 

The drive is compatible with Time Machine, however that software will not immediately backup as well. You can setup the backup for every hour, day or week if you want.