Raid 0 for 3 velociraptors

I have 3 velociraptors in a raid 0 configuration.I was looking at the sata hard installation and saw that by putting jumpers

on terminals 5-6 that would give the drives 150MBs.I was wondering if I should have done this.Thanks for any serious replys.

does your raid controller support 300mbps (sataII) ?

if so, there should be no reason for using the 150mbps jumper… unless the raid controller prefers it and or you have problems with the default 300mbps configuration

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Thank you for your reply.Yes it does support 350 MBs.Had I done a little more research I would have known the answer.Sometimes it helps when other people point things out.Also, looking a little further,I should have not put 3 drives

in a Raid 0 configuration.Raid 0 or Raid 1 requires at least 2 hard drives.If more than two hard drives are are to be used ,the total of hard drives must be an even number.I think my solution is use one drive for the OS and put the other two in Raid 0 for gaming or whatever.Thanks again freonchill for your reply.