Raid 0 failed - Unable to reach any KDC in __TARGET__

Hey Guys,

i have this problem, my mybook world edition II failed and deleted my download and public folder over night like 3 days after i set it up. i tryed to restore my data without any result. Then i just set it back to factory settings and then it was set to raid 1 (mirror) i wanted to be raid 0 (stripe) with out any reason it just pops up with this message

“Unable to reach any KDC in __TARGET__”

Don’t know what i means at all? any help?

i’ve checked all harddrives works perfectly status is good. so i can’t see the problem at all?

i’m a bit sad that i just bought this product and 3 days later “ooh yeah your files are gone”

Same problem here.

The drive seems very unstable in general. Needs a factory reset once in a while, but unfortunately this does not completely reset the drive leaving all kind of troubles behind.

Right now, I cannot download CTorrent(s) because it won’t start the download; I cannot map the drive because it is not found in Discovery ( but I can in windows) and I cannot change the RAId setting as described before.

We really need some solid new Firmware for this device ! (One that works!)

omg… I can’t believe problem keep coming up…

I lost my Video folder 2 weeks ago, and I try to set it to JBOD this morning and I have receive a non-sense message like you guys…

I have already issue a RMA for it and will just sell it on ebay after that.

By the way, this is the 3rd time I am issuing a RMA since December 09.