Radical Concept - Fix you SmartWare, it;s DumbWare

I did a full backup of my C; drive and “SmartWare” missed ALL of my itunes music files. These files are nowhere to be located - not under music/other/movies/etc. These files were in the itunes default folder - Documents and Settings/All Users/Shared Documents/My Music/iTunes. How stupid can WD be for this programming error???

Also the “Smartware” software does not backup ANY .exe files, even if it is not a system file and is in the My Documents folder as far as I can see. Thus the WD drives are not a viable backup option using “Smartware”.  Many of us have .exe files from software we downloaded and need to save. This needs to be corrected by WD.


For what you’re trying to do the latest version should work. It will back up files and folders.