Rade set?

Okay, got my cloud ex 4 yesterday, and since I have my data backed up in another place already, I want to use the full 16TB.  1.  can I do this with rade 0, or do I use spanning?  2.  how do I do this?  I have went to the dashboard, storage, change rade, selected my choice, and hit next.  But it won’t continue.  Do I have a bad unit?  Thanks.

What raid is it set to now.

It is currently set to rade5.  That’s how it was shipped to me.

have you tried using a different browser?

Yes, I tried using safari on my mac

Ok select the raid you want and then to the right it will say something like  ‘Switch to Spanning’ now tick the small box at the beginning of that line.

I have done that already.

When you do that does the next button go from greyed out to bright.