R7000: How to select static IP

My R7000 has not been fully functional since I bought it.  I wanted to connect two WD Passport external drives via a hub but have given up on that for the time being.  (I get both drives working for a very short time and then nothing.)  Any little activity, like trying to open a folder using File Explorer, causes the Cloud to become inaccessible on the network.  

I would like to try using a static IP address but I get snowed when I choose it on the dashboard.  It wants: IP Address, Netmask, Gateway, DNS Server 1, DNS Server 2, and DNS Server 3.  I get lost after IP Address.  

How do I find out what to enter in the other fields?  Also, I see people saying they chose a high range of choices.  How is that done?  If it is static, why a range?


Not sure if I got this right.

Are you trying to set an static IP on two passport from the routers dashboard? If yes, check the routers support page to see if you can get detailed information on how to do that.

See the following link, it might help