Quit Working - Lost Data

I purchased my Passport a year ago and it just quit working. I contacted WD who told me to send it to a recovery company. After having it for 4 months!! they could not do any type of recovery. I then sent it to another company, within 1 week they told me they could also not recover anything. The product was still under warranty when I originally contacted the company and was told that I would have to send the product back to them to get a new one. My question is, I had placed ALL my files, photos, etc on this drive since I was jumping between 2 different computers and in the process of getting new computers as well. Any other ideas on how to get access to these files?? When I plug it into my UDS drive, you can hear the “fan” for about 10 seconds then it winds down and stops. Any idea on how to keep this drive running…thank you!!

Assuming that the two companies you sent the drive to were actual data recovery labs who know what they are doing, it seems unlikely that there is anything you can do yourself. It is possible, however, that the labs you used aren’t very good and that in the right hands, your data may still be recoverable.

Any suggestions?

Where are you located and what labs have tried already?

Pittsburgh PA

I have used Drive Savers and OnTrack