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I was unable to locate an official article able to confirm if the OS is stored on disk 1. I’d recommend contacting WD Support for confirmation purposes. You can do so in the following linK;


Try to provide as many details as possible related to what you would like to accomplish. They may request additional information if need be.

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Ugh, Their customer service is the WORST! I tried to get some info about the PR4100 NAS and I Was connected to someone who didn’t speak English very well. I would ask a question and he would just try to find it in the manual. I asked if I could use both lan ports for link aggregation and he told me to hold on while he looked it up, in the mean time I found the answer which was you could…he came back on the line and said it didn’t support it, I told him it did and told him the page number. He said he missed that when he was looking thru the manual! I told him thanks, and for my other questions I had, I had to read the manual before buying. So I know what your talking about dswv42 when you said WD support is anything but helpful. I started to type I would try and find the answer for you, as I’m setting my NAS up now but I see you already found the answer out. If I ever need to do it (hopefully not!) I’ll ask you if you could explain! Have a great day! :slight_smile:

wow, blue balls - what happened? I really want to upgrade the drive in bay 1.