Quirks with DVD .iso playback

WD TV Live Plus -  Firmware Version 1.04.17_B

I’ve noticed a few quirky things when playing a DVD .iso file (located on a network share):

  1. If I pause playback, the screensaver will never kick in. When you pause a “regular” video, the screensaver kicks in after the designated time no problem - why doesn’t it do this when playing an .iso?

  2. If I pause/unpause, the info bar at the bottom stays on the screen (I have to press Enter to get rid of it). When you pause/unpause a “regular” video, the info bar automatically goes away after a few seconds.

These are admittedly minor issues, but I think they’re indicative of WD’s overall sloppiness when it comes to UI design & firmware development for the WD TV Live product line. Attention to detail is not exactly their strong suit!

It’s not restricted to ISO nor network but applies to all combinations of ISO/VOB/network/USB.

Yes, I only mentioned that I was playing from a network share because that’s how my system is set up. I don’t have any local storage connected via USB (yet), so I couldn’t test it with that configuration.

btw, I also noticed another minor inconsistency: the screensaver doesn’t kick in if you pause Netflix playback, but it works fine with Blockbuster.