Quikfynd didn't send me a license key after my subscription

Hi guys! I’m new here. I am really confused by the Quikfynd APP and they (the support team) just never respond to my inquiries. So, I have to seek help from other users.
I subscribed the Quikfynd Desktop and paid the $56.00 at 01/01 on https://www.quikfynd.com/. And, they just sent me an e-mail confirming that the order is succeed and giving me a order ID. When I installed their APP, I need a license key to activate it. But, I have never recieved such key. I cannot even find a place to log in on their website, so I just have no way to search what my license key is and where to find it. Can an one help me?
Sorry for my poor English.

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same here in May of 2022

Hey, it’s the same for me too. I thought I was the one.

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Circling bac again because I have reached out and they seem lie they are non responsive on all platforms

I actually re-bought and received a license …weird, not sure why but it came through.