Quickest Way To Transfer Files

Hi All,

Could someone advise what is the quickest way to put large amounts of files on to “My Cloud” ?

I have two existing Icybox NAS drives running custom firmware on the same network, connected to the same router.

I was wondering about Rsync, but have concerns it might break the shares in “Dashboard” (grey them out), as has happened to me previously when I moved some files.


Hello there,

I have not tried this on my unit, lets see if another user can share some tips or advise on this matter. 


I use freefilesync (free sourceforge) to sync discs / folders between my pc and the cloud…

It’s really faster than explorer…


I can tell you the slowes__t method: scp/sftp. It must be the overhead of encryption. Anyway, it’s dramatically slower than anything else.

Otherwise, I haven’t really noticed a difference between different methods.