Quickest way to get data on the drive

Just bought a new 4TB MBLD. So far so good (after it took 8hrs to rebuild as RAID1).

Oh and have already had to pull the plug out the back after the entire device stopped responding??

My big question is what’s the quickest way to get data onto this thing? I have a few pc, mac, laptop and external drives I want to transfer data from.

1). Via WIFI I’m getting 4.5MB/sec. Does this sound really slow? (I’m 10ft away from my virgin superhub)

2). Via ethernet I get 9.10MB/sec. Does this sound really slow?

3). So then I thought I’d try external drive via usb direct into the MBLD. After doing some googling seems there is no way via the dashboard to copy directly from USB device to the MBLD. Its basically same as point 1 above.

Is this really true? Does anyone know if there is some command line utility of powershell script I can run to speed up this process? Any help much appreciated.

Seems a little crazy that anyone who buys this drive will have to spend literally days/weeks transferring data.

Thanks :wink:

  1. Sounds correct

  2. Sounds correct for 100mbps but not gigabit

  3. No idea…

If you have a gigabit card in your computer you could connect a Cat-6 cable directly to the MBLD. This should give you a transfer speed of around 60 MB/sec.