Quick way to copy files into WD Live Duo


I just bought my Live duo and I would like to copy there 6TB of files.

Is there any way to do so, faster than thought the Ethernet connection?

I have found the fastest way to transfer files is to connect the drive directly to your computer via the ethernet port. Iknow you said other than the ethernet port but am assuminging you meant ethernet port via your router.

Good point. 

I connected the Live Duo to the laptop Ethernet connection and when I look to the network folder I can only find the icon to play it’s content and the icon looking like the device (when I click it the web browser displays the device settings)

What should I do to see the LDuo as a folder to drag and drop the files?

Thank you.

Once I attach the MBLD to my laptop via the ethernet port, I double click the network icon on the desktop, the MBLD is listed under computers in the Network folder. I double click the MBLD and I have access to all folders on the drive. I am using Windows 7 Pro. 

Make sure that your ethernet adapter is using the same IP, Mask, Gateway and DNS as the NAS.