Quick View; My passeport Ultra

Bonjour, Depuis quelque temps l’icône de Quick View dans ma barre des tâches ne cessent de clignoter. De plus et après avoir entrer le mot de passe de sécurité, il est très fréquent de voir apparaître dans le coin droit un ‘’ avertissement: Le programme ne répond pas ‘’; désirez-vous fermer le programme ou attendre qu’il réponde…! J’ai déconnecté mon disque WD My Passeport Ultra à plusieurs reprises pour voir si cela était dû au port Usb ? Rien ne change. J’ai la dernière version Smart Ware à jour.
Alors j,aimerais savoir ce que je peux faire pour régler la situation.
PS: Après avoir redémarrer l’ordinateur, l’icône Quick View réapparaît à droite dans ma barre des tâches mais clignote sans cesse. De là je ne peux lire quoi que ce soit avec le bouton gauche ou droit de ma souris…? J’utilise Windows 10 Famille avec Chrome.
Je souhaite avoir une réponse de votre part… Merci Claude !

Hello. I don’t speak your language but I want to help you. Can you translate this in English?

Hello, pleasure tu read you as Pro…,
I have translate my question. Thank !

Hello, For some time now, the Quick View icon in my taskbar (bottom right side, near clock) has kept blinking. In addition and after entering the security password, it is very common to see in the right corner a “warning: The program is not responding”; do you want to close the program or wait for it to respond …! Have I disconnected my WD My Passport Ultra drive several times to see if it was due to the Usb port? Nothing changes. I have the latest updated Smart Ware version.
So I would like to know what I can do to resolve the situation.
PS: After restarting the computer, the Quick View icon reappears on the right in my taskbar but keeps blinking. From there I can not read anything with the left or right button of my mouse…? I am using Windows 10 Home with Chrome.
I wish to have an answer from you… Thank you Claude!

Have you tried plugging in your WD Drive on other computers? Did it work well?

I’m sorry but I don’t know what the Quick View icon on the Taskbar is. This is my lower rt icons. Inside there are 2 WD utilities…the discovery and backup and a Safe USB eject. So which is blinking…another icon?

  • I use the Win Snap for the screen capture…Win-shift-s to capture to clipboard. If you quickly pick the image that appears on the lwr rt corner, a display pops up that allows printing (cntl-p ) or small editing (like pencil). If edited, must screen capture (drag a box corner) again to clipboard…then paste into forum comments. Sometimes making a box window is difficult…keep trying.
  • do you see the Drive folders/files using the Explorer utility…do you see if its mounted even with the blinking icon?

Hello Jedirene, Sorry for the delay. I just took the message.
I just read this message and I see that you have placed an image, it’s good. And in addition tu m, explain very well the process to follow to do the same. You will be able to see what Western Digital’s Quick View actually is (external drive). I managed to insert the two images which will surely help you identify what I mean by Quick View.
However, it is this icon that is often defective. After entering the password for my external drive with Western Security, it is from this moment that this icon appears in the taskbar and starts flashing continuously. If I click on it, the icon with the %% of the different disks as shown in the picture, becomes fixed and at this moment, the following information appears: ‘’ The program is not responding. Do you want to wait for him to answer or do you want to shut him down …? ‘’
I hope this information will shed more light on my problem. However, this is not a problem that prevents me from working on the computer.
Thank you very much for your help. !!! Claude!