Quick test did not complete

Ive been having problems with my drive latley. It takes really long time to boot and sometimes i wont boot at all it just opens up bios and i cant see my drive in boot options i need to reset pc until it works. So i decided to check with lifeguard diagnostic and quick test doesnt finish here are results

Test Option: QUICK TEST
Model Number: WDC WD20EZRZ-00Z5HB0
Unit Serial Number: WD-WCC4M4VX320R
Firmware Number: 80.00A80
Capacity: 2000.40 GB
Test Result: FAIL
Test Error Code: 06-Quick Test on drive 1 did not complete! Status code = 04 (Unknown failed test element), Failure Checkpoint = 96 (Unknown Test) SMART self-test did not complete on drive 1!
Test Time: 17:49:02, July 05, 2019

if i try and run extended test estimated time is over 1000 hours so i cant finish that either. RMA could take me weeks so is there anything i can do here to try and fix it.

Hi Petarmadar,

It seems that the drive has gone bad. You can refer the link given below and create the Advance RMA with Western Digital as you do not want to wait for longer time to get the replacement drive. To know about the Advance RMA, you can refer the link provided below.


For step-by-step instructions to create RMA, you can refer the link given below.