Quick Sync

Hey all,

I have an issue that is bothering me a lot, which is sync.

Most of my files are in rar format, so when I extract a video to watch, I have to wait very long for sync so I can watch it.

I tried to put the file I want to watch in a folder and sync that folder only, but it didn’t work.

What do you do in this case??

Also, is it possible to schedule a sync??

Any help please??

There is no quick synch.

If you put new files on, I have to hold power button down for greater than 3 seconds, then power it back up again to get things noticed 100% of the time. Pain in the rear end.

Only way I can get things to show up without doing that, is to transfer it to the internal hard drive, it seems to re-synch itself after a minute and its there.

On externals or network drives, its always been a complete power off/on that works for me.

This might be a bit easier you can go to settings then turn of media library and then back on. All this will do is make it to where you don’t have to load the unit when you shut it down

I was going to mention that, but I have not had such a good success with it, also if you have jpgs for moviesheets etc, then the media on/off was not good at all.

It is such a shame that it works this way, why don’t they fix this rather than give me Facebook updates Grrrr…