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is there a way to disable the video preview window in one of the list mode? i find that list mode is better than the other similer one.i like browsing up and down.the other similer one is good but when i browse all the way to the top it does not take me to the bottom of the list.that is way i like the video preview one :stuck_out_tongue:

That’s a good question…

maybe i misunderstood u but nobody helped so no kudos hehe

This line is in     rv_preview_browse_page.xml

<listbox valkey=“browselist” move=“page” cols=“1” rows=“8” lbmask=“lr” loop_scroll=“1” turbo_trigger=“10” turbo_multi=“10” autoenter=“1”/>

This line is in    rv_list_browse_page.xml

<listbox valkey=“browselist” autoenter=“1” autoswitch=“0” move=“page”
    cols=“2” rows=“8” lbmask=“u”  loop_scroll=“1” turbo_trigger=“10” turbo_multi=“10” hormove=“2”/>

So if you want List View to scroll like Preview View , simply change   lbmask=“u”   to  "lr"

P.S.  Thats an L and a R  … as in  left right

Also you can change the amount of Columns and Rows.

P.S. It is possible to Remove the Preview Window, unfortunatly you can still here the Preview “Audio”.

So, basically… No you cant remove it completely. 

Better to Modify List View to suit your needs.

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i probably dont know coding but i guess thanks:) i’ll  just stick with regular list for now.love the unit.close to xbmc as u can get.