Quick question

What is the actual Font style coded in the FW?


The Font is supplied by ARPHIC  

Here’s the Website…


It’s one of the 4…

AR Verdure Sans
AR Hebe Sans
AR Fruda Sans

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Thanks JS will check it out.

And sorry to break the bad news…

The ‘Font’ is Encrypted… you cant change or use your own Font. ( Ive Tried)

Only time you ‘Could’ was with the ‘OLD’  WDTV Live running WDLXTV Custom Firmware…

Had me some nice “Aeon Fonts” working on the old Live.:wink:

Yes was aware of that Joey, but have slooowwwllyy  started working up ‘view type screenshots’ of my WIP on GIMP and was hoping to match the font used by FW.

As i obviously will not be paying for the font specifically used, please can you tell me which font you use in your mockups as a close match?


[EDIT] - Sorry JS forgot you used actual screenshots from TV.