Quick question on privacy

Since the news about all those celebs icloud accounts getting hacked, that got me thinking about the MyCloud privacy settings.

I have the android app that automatically uploads photos I take to MyCloud.  It places them in the public folder and I can’t seem to find the option to change that to a private folder.  

Anyway, if someone was attempting to hack me from the outside, will they have full access to the public folder or does that folder have a layer of protection built in?  I’m not talking about getting on my wifi network and hacking me from within.  My wifi password is WPA2 and a collection of numbers, letters, caps, and special symbols.  They won’t brute force that password.  I’m talking about someone outside my network sitting in their house miles away trying to get in.  

I have a pretty standard firewall set up through my cable supplied modem.  And I have several software firewalls setup on my computers.  The MyCloud doesn’t seem to have a firewall built in though.  So if the hacker could break in the hardware firewall, would they have full access to the MyCloud public folder?

On the local network, any user has access to the Public folder, yes. Remotely, only users set up with remote access have access to the Public share, or any share for that matter.


Any person that gains access to your network will have access to your public folder. For more security I recommend placing any important data inside a private share.


if you are concerned about public access to the public folder there is a workaround to make the folder private

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Like I said no one is going to brute force my wifi password to get into my network from the inside.  It’s more than ten characters and a collection of stuff that for me is easy to remember but for someone else there’s no way they will figure it out.

So that’s what I needed to know.  Only remote users who have remote access can get into the public folder.