Quick question firmware update question

My device is currently running  firmware version “03.01.04-139” and its running just fine. Anway I need to know if the latest firmware version is stable, I don’t want to update and have this thing **bleep** out on me.

The answer you get will depend on the user who replies. I have the latest update and I haven’t had any problems.


I have a Gateway PC, running Windows 7 SP1 with all of the latest updates. My WD My Cloud (4TB) is connected to my Linksys E2000 router. My internet is through TWC. My desktop and laptop (Windows 7 SP1) connect by wifi. The apps on my Android phone work fine (Samsung Galaxy Proclaim).


My recommendation is download the update and follow all instructions for installing it. I also recommend, as with most updates, you reboot the WD My Cloud after the update has completed. I did the reboot through the Dashboard.

Agreeing with Cat0w: your mileage will vary. If you don’t see issues with your current configuration, wait for the next firmware update to evaluate.

In my case, it is unclear whether the firmware upgrade was a source of issues, but I ended up having to reset the disk to factory settings, deleting safepoints, etc. to get back on track with the safepoints. Now everything is OK.

If you want to upgrade, make sure you have a copy of your content backed up. I’d recommend a “system only” factory restore (this doesn’t impact the content, but reset the user rights, default shares, etc.). I would also recommend you delete your existing safepoints (after you have ascertained you don’t need the data in them any longer) before creating new ones.

thanks guys I think I’m just going to wait it out.