Quick Benchmarks My Cloud - My Books

So I have one Cloud on OS 3 and one Cloud on 3.04 and after copying a large amount of data between the various components including the attached USB 3.0 drives, I can feel the slight speed difference although it is most likely all in my mind. Remember that I turned off all scans, some misc. services and the cron. All test are through Samba mapped on the PC as x,y,w,z drives.

So on my I7 Quad Core, 32GB memory, Samsung 240 evo SSD flash drive.
Two My Clouds 4TB each, Two My Books 4TB each

The test file is a zip file of 1.11GB. If you are copying anything small like jpgs, mp3’s, epubs, etc, expect a performance hit no matter if you are copying from SSD to USB 3 or esata, that is just the facts. A single large file will give you the stats for the max transfer speed.

Cloud with OS3
write: 77-99MB/s read: 90-109MB/s

My Book through My Cloud USB 3
write: 43-52MB/s read: 86-98MB/s

Cloud with FW3.04
write: 63-72MB/s read: 91-108MB/s
My Book through My Cloud USB 3
write 43-50MB/s read: 71-75MB/s

Also if your USB 3.0 drive is not a WD drive, the speed is almost half of that for WD.

I had a Vantec Raid drive last year that I had configured as stripe 0, giving me read and write speeds of somewhere in the neighborhood of 140MB/s when connected directly to my PC USB 3.0.

When I connected it to My Cloud, I got write 23MB/s and about 40MB/s reads. Yes do ask WD, why this is?

So there you go. Your mileage may vary.

Also remember that the Cloud is your endpoint meaning that if you are not getting the speed, it is not the fault of your Cloud (unless you didn’t turn off the scans); it is the network leading up to the cloud that is creating the bottleneck.

Indeed. Your network is as fast as its slowest component, and limits other devices.

No, each device can communicate at its design speed with (virtually) no influence of other devices.