Questions store hdd

like me correctly I store an internal hdd desktop for many years? I have a stored internal hdd


To store Internal drives I recommend an antistatic bag and a cardboard box and then store it in a clean, dry, vibration-free storage… The inside of hard drives will remain clean as long as there are no radical changes in temperature where condensation can form as they are factory sealed.

have any problem if I leave the hdd stopped many years and unused? my HDD within this antistatic bag and stored in a bag

I did not understand any responses to this post, I wonder if I can leave my hdd western stored for many years and use when I need to and he is 100% for use

I have 4 WD green disks were put in box for almost 3 years and never powered up in that period. About one week ago, I found all of the 4 disks are NOT able to recognised in windows. OMG! 

I’m looking for solution here also.

gamer87 : It means you might lose data related to magnetic losses. A safe way to prevent this is to do a full read on the hard disk once a year to remagnetize “weakened” sectors. And also avoid exposing them to strong magnetic fields.

JiTing : You have to find out if it’s hardware failure or merely software corruption. I’ve unused hard disks longer than 3 years but they turn out fine when I connect them to my computer.

I just want to know if I can leave saved a hdd for many years and when I use it it worked, my hdd is inside the antistatic bag