Questions regarding My Cloud Home

Hi all,

I am new to NAS and got a My Cloud Home 2TB drive yesterday. So far I am not too happy about it. I am not sure if it’s the drive or my expectation is too high. I have a few questions:

  1. Is it an acceptable speed to backup 112 GB of data in 15 hours?

  2. Right now it’s backing up another 78.2 GB of data. This time it seems to be faster. It’s been 2 hours and 48 minutes and I still have 100 MB to go. This 100 MB is taking forever though. The last 100 MB took more than half an hour to finish. Why? This is frustrating…

  3. I am not able to access the drive by doing //IP_Address. I think it’s because the drive is not in the network. Why is that? I can only access the drive from the mapped drive letter.

  4. The drive is in KDDFS. I have never seen this format before. Will it help the backup speed if it’s changed to a different format?


The older WD My Clouds are closer to traditional NAS … the My Cloud Home is something different

Most people aren’t

If you bought a proper NAS … then i’m pretty sure your expectations would have been met.

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The My Cloud Home software is a total disappointment compared to the previous My Cloud. The previous one runs Linux and you can ssh onto it and even automate the backup of it’s HDD.

  1. No.
  2. No reason. See 1.
  3. Correct.
  4. Not possible.

I have the same NAS.

The MCH is not an ordinary NAS type Synology, Qnaps, etc.

Is has been designed with the occasional non-nerd user wanting a home based “Dropbox like experience” in mind . People asking no more than plugging the device and expecting it to work OOB. Hence the WD Discovery app that is necessary to make it work on W10 machines.

The WD My Cloud app and the device work extremely well (maybe a bit slow) for this basic functionality. So kudos to WD. That is why I decided to keep the NAS running. It works. I don’t loose too much time figuring out things. I can live with the shortcomings.

But. Hence no FTP functionality, no public folders, no IP accessibility, no hooking up IP cameras, no Acronis backup, a buggy Plex functionality, a absolutely non funtional cloud backup,… Read: do not expect anything beyond the basics.

Imho. I paid 430 euros for this NAS with 2 x 8Tb WD Reds inside. This is far less than the price I would have paid for the 2 drives separately. The nice white casing and NAS functionality comes for free. Free. As in :“Don’t expect too much of it”.

If necessary buy a real NAS, plug out the 2 REDS, reformat them, and there you go.