Questions Re: MyBook Elite

Hi.  I just bought a My Book Elite 2 TB.  I started to use it and a couple of questions popped up. 

  1. Is there a way to have files backed-up from only one particular file on the desktop? For example, I sometimes place movies on my desktop but I do not want them all backed-up on my external drive. It would be easier if there was one specific file on my desktop that the external drive would back-up from.  Is there a way to program the My Book so that it backs-up only from the file I designate.  Sort of the same thing as when I designated where to retrieve files to.

  2. Is there a way to delete a file from the external drive that was backed up? Say I decide that I do not want a movie that I downloaded on to my desktop but no longer want it. I delete the desktop copy and now want to get rid of the copy on my external drive. How do I do it?