Questions- on - darklight theme


OK so i have darklight runnin smooth… (GREAT THEME!)

question 1. i have 5 files can any be deleted.






question 2. is there a way to make the cover a little tranparent  so u can see the backdrop a little better.?

question 3. is it normal for the movie sheet to load for a few seconds? i see a delay when scrolling threw movies.

Question 4. i have family guy in folders with 10 eposides in each 1 -9 how do i create a main family guy folder then 9 season folders.? using TG.

thanks for HELP much appriciated!@!


please keep your “darklight theme” in the  Darklight (Beta) release. This keeps the forums clean. The best person to answer theme questions is the theme developer and they subscribe to their own threads.

First, as I said before, if you have a question about a theme, please post it in that  THEMES THREAD.  There is no reason to keep starting new threads if you have a question about a theme.  The more threads you start the harder it is to navigate the forum for other users. If you have a question regarding Darklight, then ask it HERE, I will answer it when I see it.

But to answer your questions

  1. Yes, the only one that you can delete is the “filename_cover.jpg”, but I don’t recommend it since this is a backup for your coverart and can make it easier to regenerate the Coverart if you have too.

  2. Yes, by modifying the template, but I don’t recommend it due to some covers will not be able to be seen very well if you make them transparent.

  3. Yes, this a firmware limitation

  4. The easiest way to do it (and this is just from memory) is to go to Options, then set the Extra sheet for “$M\folder” and output as “.jpg”.  When you generate the moviesheet for the first episode then select the check box next to Extra sheet, then deselect it for the rest.  There is another way, I just can’t remember from the top of my head on how to do it.

thanks…sorry about wrong posting area… will remember for next questions…

thanks so much tho…