Questions for wdtv live plus player

mini review of the wdtv live plus.using component cables

pros:the wdtv box and remote is super duper small:P
has netflix and other channels

cons:too many clicks to play something,xbox xbmc has slightly better picture on small regular files like mov,flv,avu, on xbox 360 streams faster and looks slightly better.

wdtv live plus arrived today,if somebody could answer these questions

1.can netflix subtitles be changed to smaller and different color?(yellow is not good heh)

2.on some dvd movies the original aspect is 4:3,can i make it to 16:9 stretch? on xbox xbmc i do this all the time. there a way to add shortcuts to where the videos are located? it takes quite a few clicks to play a video or movie.

4.i just tested some videos(xvid) and i have to zoom out to enjoy the video every single time.why does the wdtv zoom in one time on these files?

There is an options area and “Subtitles & Audio” is one of the options. go there and select English Subtitiles. it only appears if a movie has subtitles added.

yea i wished they had the option to shrink the size of the subtitle and color.:slight_smile: