Questions: Data Life Guard readout HDD: Internal, WD5003AZEX

Reference: Data Life Guard readout.

HDD: Internal, WD5003AZEX

I haven’t found any explanation about the Data Life Guard (DLG) readout, after it scans my HDD. I want to know what the numbers under the column header “Warranty” represent and what they actually mean. For instance, how would I know from the numerous other readout parameters whether or not I need to apply for warranty support, or not? It’s not user-friendly for those of us who are not technologists in such matters.

Here’s a screen capture, but Western Digital programmers didn’t see it worth their while to use conventional Microsoft “handles” on the dialog. Therefore, it’s impossible to capture the entire dialog readout list!

I’m interested in knowing if any of the visible numbers indicate pending failure, etc.? And, I’m especially interested in what the numbers in the Warranty column mean?

Why was the inline graphic to my post removed? It was explanatory to my situations and was in no way objectionable. I was there for a while, but now it’s gone.


There was a fault with the previous image, so I attached a new to my Original Post. My questions are still there, and I’m still hoping to get answers.