Questions before purchasing My Book World Edition


I was looking for a home NAS device and I have a few questions about the My Book World Edition before purchasing.

  1. the manual PDF file mentions a setup process with software being installed on a Win machine or a Mac? What is that software for? I thought the NAS would use a standard protocol like samba.

  2. related to (1), would it be possible to initialize the NAS from its web interface only rather than using Win/Mac programs (in my experience they tend to be trouble)?

  3. does the device need a different setup/configuration/formatting for use with Win, with Mac or with Linux? I’m going to use it in a mixed environment and I want to be sure I can initialize the device, configure it and access the date on it using any Win / Mac / Linux machine.

  4. the manual mentions the possibility to store music/videos files on the device and play them from iTunes. Assume I have some itunes file I (or my wife :( ) BOUGHT from Apple, hence those are protected/encrypted. Can I still offload my laptop and store/play them from the device (I would still use itunes from my laptop but I want to free laptop hard disk space)

Thanks in advance!

in short,

  1. it just maps your drive (assigns a letter). pretty useless.

  2. oh yeah.

  3. it has NFS, AFP, FTP…  Also SSH support. It’s just a linux box with limited resources.

  4. most likely, but I’m not sure.