Questions before purchase

Hi all, first post here,

I am tired of Cinavia on my PS3, so here is what I would like to do, obtain copies of movies on my PC, store them on my 1 TB external USB hard drive, and play them over a wired network through the WD TV Live Streaming Media Player to my AV reciever via HDMI cable.  I would perfer to not have to move my Hard drive to the other room to plug into the WD TV. 

So first question, is that all possible?

Does Cinavia affect the WD TV, and is there any reason that WD is likely to support Cinavia in future FW?

And lastly, I use a harmony remote to control all my devices and would really like to be able to use it to control the WD TV, so therefore I was wondering is the remote control for the WDTV infra red?

  1.  Yes, that’s what the purpose of these boxes is.  :)    For network attachments, try these options, in decreasing order of reliability:




  1.  No, Cinavia is not used.  No one knows if Cinavia will come later.

  2.  I use the Harmony One on my main system.  Yes, it’s I/R, not R/F .