QUestions about WD SN750 1TB NVME drive & Linux

I am contemplating purchase of a SN750 1TB for use in a production system where I do limited video editing, photo editing and some coding. The drive will be the boot drive for the primary OS on the system, Manjaro Linux. Motherboard is an Asus Tuf Z270 Mk 1 with 2 M2 slots. Questions are-- are there any problems getting this board to recognize the SN750…this will be the first M2 drive in t he system.

Second question—this drive will have Manjaro Linux and GRUB on it…I dual boot this machine with Windows 10 which is on a mechanical drive… Will I be able to use the WD software from Windoze… for either updating the drive firmware or checking drive health even though the Windoze 10 OS and the WD software will be on is another drive?? Any particular kernel or other parameters I will need to set to make the drive run well with Linux??
Third question…any supporting Linux software for the SN750? Anyone run the WD software under Wine emulator with success?

Many kind thanks and regards.

Hi @expat42451,

WD drives are only tested in Windows and MAC OS but we cannot assure the performance of the drive-in Linux.