Questions about WD Red 8TB

I have 3 WD Red HDD running in my Mac Pro 5,1. 4TB, 6TB, and 8TB.

Both 4TB and 6TB running absolutely flawlessly, however, little problem about the 8TB.

  1. I can clearly feel it vibrate. When the machine is running, if I touch the 4TB and 6TB, they are very “stable” but if I touch the 8TB, I can clearly feel it’s vibrating.

  2. It occasionally disappear after a re-start. In this case, full shut down and cold boot will bring it back. But a warm re-start may cause the drive disappear.

  3. Bot 4TB and 6TB are very quiet, but the 8TB may occasionally produce “click” noise when I am using it (I expect this is normal, but just a bit annoying)

I checked SMART, it’s totally fine. I am not too worry about if it’s going to break soon. It’s a very new drive, I have the warranty. And it’s just a back up drive, all data is safe. However, the “disappear after re-start” can be really annoying.

Is it a known issue? Any fix or work around? And possible firmware update to try?

Million thanks in advance!

Hi h9826790,

Well its normal that 8TB Red Drives makes more sound as compare to the smaller capacity drives.
However, if its getting disappeared after a restart, so you can change the e-sata cable. May be when you restart it doesn’t get a enough power supply.

There is no cable in between. The HDD is directly connected to the SATA port on the logic board (equivalent to the mother board on a PC).

But you raise a good point. I can’t change the cable, but I can try swap it with the WD Red 6TB to see is problem follow (drive / port), or fixed.