Questions about "WD My Book Essential 3 TB"


I hope my english is good enough…

1 - I have 2x “WD My Book Essential 3 TB”, is there a way i can backup the content (specifically some selected folders) of one of them into the other ? (without doing it manually of course (plugging both of them to the pc at the same time of course))

2 - Using the “WD SmartWare Sotfware” the backups of the files on my computer are stored in the external drive in the folder “WD SmartWare.swstor”, is there a way i can select another folder (or rename it) for the backups ?

3 - Is it best to keep my “WD My Book Essential 3 TB” vertically or horizontally ? (it has rubber “feet” only predisposed for the verical position, but i ve always know that its best to keep hard disks in horizontal position…)

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1)  Not that I know of with Smartware, but you should be able to set a backup plan in Windows Backup to back from one to another.

2)  Not that I know of.  Well, you can rename it, of course, but then Smartware will not function properly.

3)  WD recommends the drive be kept vertical, so that the vents can allow the drive to be properly cooled.