Questions about upgrading to OS5

I have not yet upgraded though I have thought it over. The one point that is keeping me from doing it is being unsure how much I would need to reconfigure if/when I did. I use my NAS locally with my Nvidea shield/Kodi though I have installed/configured Resilio Sync to connect to my seedbox to automatically download files to my NAS. While it said I would need to reinstall it does not mention reconfigure. So how much would I need to reconfigure in regards to user accounts or my sync app after upgrading and is there any way to limit how much I would need to reconfigure after upgrading?

I am unfamiliar with the software you are using.

The NAS gets reconfigured from scratch; so any users/shares will have to be setup fresh (the data on each share will be there. . .but the user assignements and permissions will be wiped).

If you have an APP on the NAS that does something. . then you might be in trouble.
If you your software simply downloads to specific shares on the NAS. . .and you don’t change the ip address of the NAS. . .it just might work. No gaurentees from me.

That sounds like a pain to do. I assume there is no way to just back up shares to a file or such then just reenable those shares once updated?