Questions about the WD TV Live Media Player

Hi, I currently have the WD TV Live Media Player, is it worth it to purchase the WD TV Live Hub Media Player? Does the WD TV Live Hub automatically display cover art for  the movies that are on the drive or do you have to add each cover art manually? Can you attach more than one External Drive at a time using a USB Hub? What other benefits does the WD TV Live Hub Media Player have over the WD TV Live? Thanks

You have to manually add the cover art. However users have developed some programs which can run on your PC to make the process easier.

You cannot add more hard drives using a USB hub. You can only have one drive on each USB port, making a maximum of two external drives.

Thanks. is it worth it to purchase the WD TV Live Hub Media Player. what are the benefits?

Well, lets see:

1- Internal drive (more space to save your movies/music)

2- The device can be used as a NAS

3- Movie Sheets

4- Customizable Themes (love the work done by this community)

5-  Look Dang sexy!!!

I know, I know, but I really love how the WD TV Live Hub Looks.

Thanks for the help. I have some questions: Will there be any newer WD Media Players coming out in the near future? Does this media player supports 3d? Are there any negatives compared to the WD TV Live? Whare are movie sheets? how many externals can you plug into the WD TV Live Hub?

I appreciate the help

1- As this point, there is no information of a new WD media player,  this does not mean that there will not be a new model, just that we don’t know yet.

2- Real 3D movies? No.

3- It depends, it is bigger in size, but for me, and this is my opinion, the WD TV Live Hub is an upgrade in every possible way.

4- Movie Sheets: Recollection of information about a movie, date of release, actors, directors, etc. Also, there is a picture of the poster of the movie.

5- Only 2 USB drives. Also, as with the WD TV Live, it support multiple NAS.

I appreciate the help. How does the WD TV Live HUB Compare to Boxee or Google TV? which would you get if you could purchase either one?

also if you read the THEME section on these forums, you will see all the modifications we are making with themes and moviesheets.