Questions about the My Book World

I have 2 daughters at University in different parts of the country (England) and I would like them to be able to upload their work to the My Book which will be in the family home:

  1. Is this possible?

  2. if so would they be able to use an FTP programme like Filezilla or is there already a web solution in place to do this?


In theory yes - MBW comes with preinstalled MioNet, which allows access from anywhere. Also Twonky media which supports the use of the drive as a NAS for streaming music, pictures and video. If you intend using the server as a remote back-up, then it might be more functional, flexible and less time consuming for you to invest in several high capacity USB flash drives for your daughters. I do not use MioNet, so someone with user experience might wish to comment on the reliability and ability to have different user access.

Hi there, as stated, the drive has Mionet for a graphic interface for file transfer, but the drive also has native FTP support, you can configure it on adv mode> network> services.